Café Zouk

This elegantly arranged restaurant, which is located on Khayaban e Shamsheer in Defence Housing Authority Karachi, bills itself as an "enclave within an enclave," and it is far removed from the hustle of the city of Karachi. The cuisine is basically Continental and Thai, and the delicious soups, entrees desserts and drinks are all very popular.

A visit to Café Zouk begins with a warm welcome, a hallmark of our hospitality. Special attention is given to our guests from choice of seating subject to availability, to suggesting the menu items which meet their personal preferences.

Café Zouk offers a mix of authentic Thai and Continental selection. Zoukers, as our guests are sometimes referred to, love the experience of food with entertainment which is unique to the Café Zouk restaurants.


Soups play an important part in the overall symphony of flavors. From the delicious Thai soups such as the ‘Tom Yum Goong’ and ‘Tom Ka Kai’ to the Continental creations, such as the most popular ‘New England Seafood Chowder’ and ‘The Royal Mulligatawny’, the soups at Café Zouk start off the meal in a subtle, tasty way, by stimulating the appetite for the delicious entrées to follow.

Fresh Thai and Continental Salads

Café Zouk’s appealing and appetizing variety of salads are a mix of colors to tantalize the diner, complimenting the warm reds of peppers and tomatoes with the greens of onions and fresh lettuce. They don’t only taste good but look good too!

Continental Appetizers and Breads

A wide range of appetizers fill the menu, like ‘deep fried calamari’, ‘shrimp cocktail’, ‘stuffed prawns with herbed cheese’ and a choice of ‘wings’.

The freshly baked French breads are also a treat and add to the appetizers.

Thai Appetizers

The Thais snack throughout the day and into the night. Some such appetizers were selected for the Café Zouk menu like the ‘Thai stuffed chili shrimps’ and the ‘prawn tempura’. A must try.

Snacks Sandwiches, Savoury & Burgers

Café Zouk’s answer to your craving for a lunch or dinner that is freshly unique and light. In a casual relaxing and fun ambience, we serve large portions of salads, special omelet’s, overstuffed sandwiches, real American burgers and tasty snacks. All at very affordable prices.

Italian Pastas

Café Zouk serves modern Italian cuisine and focuses heavily on bringing out the very best elements of what is one of the most acclaimed gastronomic regions of the world.
The menu selections at Café Zouk which include home made pastas,  Fettuccini, Penne Special and Cannelloni, to name a few, emphasize the use of simple fresh ingredients, skillfully combined to bring out a delicious range of traditional  Italian food at a reasonable price.

Asian Noodles

To be continued